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I found this kid’s blue Under Armour sweatshirt at Goodwill for $1.59 including tax.  I listed this sweatshirt in a 7 day auction starting at $7.99 plus $5.99 shipping.  People loved this sweatshirt, I had 57 views, 14 bids, and it sold for a total of $35.99.  Usually the kids Under Armour sweatshirts sell for $15-$20, but for some reason this one took off.

TIP: Under Armour kid’s clothing has a Y before the size, example YXL.  I find a lot of Under Armour kid’s items in the adult section.  So if you know that kid’s Under Armour is marked with a Y, you will pay the kid’s price.

$1.59 item cost

$3.46 USPS First Class shipping

$3.60 ebay fee

$1.08 Paypal fee

$.19 large poly mailer 12in by 15.5in

20 large poly mailers 12in by 15.5in

*The above link is an affiliate link, if you purchase through the link I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

It cost me $9.92 to buy, sell, and ship this sweatshirt, it sold for $35.99, so I made $26.07.  One of our beaches close to us is lined with restaurants, so the profit from this sweatshirt will go towards lunch at the beach.

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