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Someone gave my husband this Levi jean jacket and being that it looked like it was from the 80’s, he gave it to me to sell.  I did not think this jacket would sell, little did I know that there is a market for old vintage Levi jean jackets.  I listed it in an auction for 7 days starting at $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping.  I had 77 page views, 7 bids, and it sold for a total of $35.98.  I was shocked that someone wanted this jacket and even more shocked that more than one person wanted it.  The point is never pre-judge an item, what you think is worthless could be worth something to someone else.

$0 Item cost

$3.59 ebay fee

$1.08 Paypal fee

$0 I re-used a box so I did not have a box cost

$9.38 FedEx Smartpost economy shipping

TIP:  I did not know at the time I shipped this item, but I should have used a padded flat rate 9.5 by 12.5 envelope, it would have fit in the envelope and it only would have cost $6.30.  The Post office does not put the padded envelopes out, you have to ask for it or order at www.usps.com.  It is flat rate so anything that fits will ship for $6.30, weight does not matter.

The total cost to sell and ship my item was $14.05, my item sold for $35.98, so I made $21.93.  The profit from this item will go towards swim lessons for the kids this summer!

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