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I found this Christian Dior vintage men’s sweater at my local Goodwill new with tags for $4.27 including tax.  Even though this sweater was new with tags it had some storage wear on the sleeve, so unfortunately it was not perfect, if it was I think it would have sold for a lot more.  Regardless I listed it in a 7 day auction starting at $14.99 plus $5.99 shipping, I had 63 views, 3 bids, and it sold for a total of $21.99 including shipping.

TIP: I was unsure if this sweater was going to sell when I bought it, one it had a defect and two it was old.  Don’t be afraid of a defect if the item is cool enough and vintage designer items sell.  Now I know I don’t have to think twice when I come across items like this.  However I don’t know if this sweater should have been auctioned, I think I could have sold it for more if I listed it for a higher buy it now price and waited for the right buyer, it was a cool piece.

$4.27 item cost

$2.20 ebay fee

$.66 paypal fee

$4.03 USPS First Class shipping

$.19 large poly mailer 12in by 15.5in

20 large poly mailers 12in by 15.5in

It cost me $11.35 to buy, sell, and ship my item, it sold for $21.99, so I made $10.64.  There is an Auntie Anne’s pretzel store right by the kids play area at the mall.  So the profit from this item will buy a couple of pretzels and a lemonade while the kids play!

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