Calico Critters-Profit $19.33

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This next item was a complete accident.  I was with the kids at a Habitat for Humanity Restore, we were looking for shelves to organize.  We were getting ready to leave when my youngest ran up to me with this car full of bunnies.  He asked if he could get it, after I saw the $2 price tag I said of course.  He kept dropping the bunnies and I told him “just leave the bunnies and we will buy the car.”  He screamed “no, I want the bunnies!”  I said “fine, lets go,” good thing he insisted on keeping those bunnies.  When we got home, the boys played with the car for 2 seconds and threw it aside.  I picked it up to put it away and I saw that it said Calico on the license plate, Calico was a name I had heard before.  I looked up the “too cute” Calico Critters car and found out it is worth money especially with the bunnies.

TIP:  If you find anything Calico Critters, buy it!  I was so sad one day I was treasure hunting at a thrift store and this woman who was strolling in front of me found the entire Calico Critters tree house.  I don’t even know what it was worth, but I know it was a lot.  If I only would have arrived 10 minutes earlier, oh well maybe next time!

I told the boys that we could sell the car and they could pick out a new hot wheels track, they said “sell it!”  So we listed the car in a 7 day auction starting at $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, we had 107 page views, 4 bids, and it sold for a total of $33.82 including shipping.

$2.12 item cost including tax

$7.98 FedEx Smartpost shipping

$3.38 ebay fee

$1.01 paypal fee

$0 box fee

I recently changed my ebay account and subscribed to the basic ebay store for $19.95 per month.  With the store I get 250 free auction listings, 250 free fixed listings, 1% off on final value fees, and once a quarter ebay sends a $25 gift certificate to use in their store on shipping supplies.  My first gift certificate purchase was 25 ebay boxes for $19.37, so the boxes were free, I used one of my ebay boxes to send this car. Another good item to buy with your gift certificate is the ebay tape. You can check out the ebay boxes and tape below.  I would only purchase the below items with your gift certificate to make them free.  I would not buy these items with my money they are over-priced.  You can look at my resource section for the best priced shipping supplies.

Ebay boxes 12x10x8

12 rolls of Ebay tape

My item cost $14.49 to buy, sell and ship, it sold for $33.82, so my profit was $19.33.  I found this cool hot wheels track factory sealed on

I won the auction for $23.00 including shipping!  The boys love it!  I have referenced some auctions I have purchased from to re-sell, but you should also check out the site for new factory sealed toys. This track is listed on ebay for $80, I would not buy this track for $80, but someone else may therefore in my opinion the value is there.  I did most of my Christmas shopping last year on the site, I bought some awesome new quality toys at a fraction of the cost!

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