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2 weeks ago I received an email from Paypal saying that a buyer was disputing their charge claiming that they did not authorize the payment for an item they bought from me on ebay.  When I received the email I immediately pulled up the order checked the tracking and saw that the package was delivered.  Paypal also said in their email that they had the tracking details and that they did not need any more info from me at that time.  I sent an email to Paypal anyway letting them know the order and tracking details showing them that the package was sent and delivered.  They thanked me for the information and told me they would be in touch with an update soon.

One thing that was a little weird with this order was after the lady paid for the item she emailed me and said she had just moved and she would appreciate it if I could send her package to her new address.  I had already wrapped her package up and paid for the postage, but I told her no problem.  I voided the original shipping label, re-printed a new shipping label and sent her package.

Paypal just got back to me the other day and said they are siding in with the buyer, returning the money to them, and charging me an additional $20 charge back fee, WHAT!!!!!  So I called Paypal immediately, I went over all of the details with the lady, as she was reviewing the details she asked why were there 2 shipping labels.  I told her that I buyer requested that I send the package to her new address and I did.  She said that is why I lost the case because I changed the address for the buyer, when the address is changed after the sale you are no longer protected by ebay or Paypal.  I was soooooo confused, she said that fraudulent buyers do this all of the time.  She went on to explain that the buyer will purchase something, ask the seller to change the address for a reason that makes sense which then exposes the seller to no protection, then the item gets charged back, and you lose.  I still do not know if this person used a random person’s Paypal account or if they used their friend’s account.  Either way I was charged back, lost the item that I sent, lost the original shipping fee, and was charged an additional $20 charge back fee, absolutely crazy.

What can you do?  The Paypal lady said, report it to ebay and block that buyer, DONE.  She also told me to never change the address for a buyer even if it sounds perfectly normal.  As soon as you change the address after the sale you are no longer protected by ebay or Paypal.  The Paypal lady said that these people know what they are doing and they are aware that they breaking the line of protection when they ask for an address change.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected, if the buyer requests an address change after the sale, you have to cancel the order and let the customer know that they need to re-place the order with their new address and then you will remain protected.  The Paypal lady made a good point that the buyer has the opportunity to change their address right before they place their order, so there should be no need to change it after.  However I told her that months ago I had a guy who bought a pair of sunglasses from me and after the sale he wrote me and said he was going on vacation and he would like for me to send the glasses to his brother’s house, and I did it for him, completely unaware that I was unprotecting myself and it was fine.  So it never even occurred to me that someone would do this and get away with it.  I hope this post can prevent someone else from being a victim of this crime.

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