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I purchased 4 iphones from www.shopgoodwill.com, the following was included in the lot:

1 iphone 6

2 iphone 5

1 iphone 4

I won the auction for $41.25 including shipping.  All I knew was that the phones were untested, so I was really hoping that the iphone 6 would power on, but I knew based on research that even if it did not power on it would still be worth money.

TIP:  The iphone 5 and 6s are worth money even if there is no power, cracked screen, and/or icloud and network locked.  The iphone 3 and 4s are worth $10-$20 per phone broken.

I listed the phones separately each in a 7 day auction.

The iphone 6, did not power on, I did try a new battery but it still did not turn on– The starting price was $39.99 plus $4.99 shipping, it had 106 views, 4 bids, and sold for $48.98.

The iphone 5c, powered on, but was icloud locked – The starting price was $29.99 including shipping, it had 90 views, 2 bids, and sold for $31.

The iphone 5 A1428, did not power on, I also tried a new battery with this one and there was still no power – The starting price was $14.99 plus $4.99, it had 42 views, 3 bids, and sold for $21.49.

The iphone 4, was restored, but had a cracked screen – the starting price was $19.99 with free shipping, it had 40 views, 1 bid, and sold for $19.99.

$41.25 total cost for all 4 phones

$10.40 USPS first class shipping, it cost at the time $2.60 to ship each phone

$12.15 ebay fee on all 4 phones

$3.64 paypal fee on all 4 phones

$1.24 box cost for all 4 phones (.31 per box 6x4x4)

6x4x4 inch boxes perfect for sunglasses and small cell phones

6 double rolls of packing tape

*The above links are affiliate links, I do personally use these products and feel they are the best, if you purchase through the links I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

The total cost to buy and sell these phones was $68.68, the phones sold for $121.46, so I made $52.78.  It cost $50 to fill up my SUV, so the profit from these phones can go towards filling up my car so I can take my kids to fun places.

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