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I found this women’s north face pull over fleece for $4.23 including tax at my local Goodwill.  I listed it in a 7 day auction starting at $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping.  I had 30 views, 3 people placed bids and the fleece sold for $15.98 including shipping.

TIP:  I feel like women’s clothing does not sell as well as men’s or kid’s clothing on ebay.  I have sold some women’s pieces, but it usually takes twice as long to find a buyer and the items do not sell for as much as similar men’s or kid’s items.  The North Face brand is an exception it sells consistently and for a fair price.  Other women’s brands I have done well with are Under Armour and Victoria’s Secret.  I re-sell men’s and kid’s Nike clothing and do well, but for some reason women’s Nike clothing does not sell at all or if it does it sells for hardly anything.  Mall brands like Express, Abercrombie, Limited, and Old Navy just to name a few do not sell for very much on a secondary market, unless they are new.

TIP:  I have had a couple of issues with women’s clothes that you should be aware of.  The first is knowing if the item is women’s or junior’s.  I had a really cool Guess jacket size large, I did not even think about the difference between women’s and juniors, I listed it under women’s, sure enough the person who bought it wrote me letting me know that the jacket was actually a junior’s large.  I told her she could of course return it, but she ended up keeping it for her niece.  The other issue is if an item is pre-owned and there is even a little fabric fading clearly state that the fabric is faded.  I had another North Face jacket it was black, in the listing I stated it was in good condition with some fabric wear, which I felt was an accurate description.  With fabric wear comes slight fading and I felt the pictures were very very close to the right color.  Anyway I guess she was expecting the jacket to be jet black and it wasn’t so she wanted to return it, I didn’t even try to argue, technically she was right because I did not say the jacket had minor fading, I said fabric wear.  I offered her a partial refund that equaled what I would have paid in shipping and re-selling fees and she accepted.  So long story short, if I would have added the fabric shows minor fading she would not have requested the return because she would have expected some fading.  So be very specific in your description and don’t assume the person reading the listing is going to understand what you are trying to say.  I assumed fabric wear would include minor fading and it did not and it cost me money, I still made money on the item, but just not as much.

$4.23 item cost

$3.46 USPS First Class shipping

$1.60 ebay fee

$.48 paypal fee

$.08 poly mailer (9 inch by 12 inch)

100 Non Bubble 9 by 12 Poly Mailers

*The above link is an affiliate link, if you purchase through the link I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

The total cost of my item including all fees was $9.85, my item sold for $15.98 so my profit was $6.13.  Our profit from this item will buy my kids icees and Hot Wheels at Target, one of their favorite things to do after school.

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