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So one day walking through my local Goodwill looking for treasure, I wondered if they sold cell phones. I asked the lady behind the counter and she said they did not, but I could check their online auction site and see if any were listed. I said what? She explained that there is a huge online auction site that pulls inventory from every Goodwill in the country. So after my in store treasure hunt that day I pulled up the website www.shopgoodwill.com and what I found was life changing. You name it they have it and not only do they most likely have what you are looking for they have it by the lot. So I signed up for my account which took a couple of minutes and I was ready. I was so over whelmed at first I was searching anything and everything I could think of, but I had to focus and think what should I buy that is going to make money. So I decided to stick with my original idea which was phones, one of my first sales on ebay was my personal old broken cell phone, I made close to $50 off of it, so I felt this was a good start. I thought even if the phones were broken they still would hold value. So I bid on my first auction and won 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phones for $37.99 including shipping.

TIP: There is always a shipping fee so check the fee before you bid.

The only thing I knew about the phones Is that they powered on. The phones arrived a week and a half later, both powered on which was cool. I checked both esn/imei numbers and they were clear, but then I noticed one of them was getting hot. I took out the battery and saw that the white tab was pink which tells you the phone has water damage. You can still sell a phone with water damage as long as you list what is damaged so the buyer knows what they are getting. So I listed both phones separately in 2 different auctions each 7 days long. The following phone did not have water damage, I started the auction at $29.99, after 1 day I received a message from an ebay member and he asked if he could buy the phone for $57, I accepted his offer, I revised the listing added the buy it now price and he bought it.

The second phone pictured below was the water damaged phone, I started the auction at $19.99 including free shipping, it had 80 views, 6 bids and sold for $32.00 including free shipping.

My total cost for both phones was $37.99
$5.20 usps first class shipping for both phones, I shipped them separately to different buyers
$8.90 ebay fee (10% fee for both phones)
$2.67 paypal fee (3% fee for both phones)
.62 box cost (.31 per box 6x4x4)

6x4x4 inch boxes perfect for sunglasses and small cell phones

6 double rolls of packing tape

*The above links are affiliate links, I do personally use these products and feel they are the best, if you purchase through the links I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

Both phones sold for a total of $89, my total cost to buy and sell these phones was $55.38, so my profit was $33.62. Not bad for my first www.shopgoodwill.com auction purchase. The profit from these phones paid for half of our gym membership that month. If you are a mom and you do not belong to a gym, join one. At the time I belonged to LA Fitness, the membership fee was $57 per month which included childcare for 2 kids. It is the best $57 you will ever spend you get to take an hour for yourself everyday and the kids get to play.

TIP: The LA Fitness by me waives the registration fee on Mother’s Day, maybe the one in your area does too, it will save you hard earned mommy money!

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