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I loved these glasses, they were black oversized Oscar de la Renta sunglasses that I found at Marshalls for $10.59 including tax.  I actually did not want these glasses to sell because I wanted to keep them, but they did.  I listed them at the buy it now price of $22.99 with free shipping for 30 days.  They were on ebay for 6 days and sold, they had a total of 21 page views.

TIP:  Almost every pair of Oscar de la Renta sunglasses that I have sold end up with about 20 page views over about a week and sell for around $23.00.

$10.59 item cost including tax

$2.60 USPS First Class shipping fee

$2.29 ebay fee (10% of the total sale)

$.69 paypal fee (3% of the total sale)

.31 box cost (6in x 4in x 4in)

6x4x4 inch boxes perfect for sunglasses

If you need more tape here is my source, great tape and it is cheap.

6 double rolls of packing tape

*The above links are affiliate links, I do personally use these products and feel they are the best, if you purchase through the links I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

The total cost including all selling fees was $16.48, my item sold for $22.99, so I made $6.51.  Between my profit from my last item and this item I am at $13.94 profit, one more item and it will be time for a much deserved pedicure.

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