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I found these new Nike golf shorts for $13.77 including tax in the clearance section at Ross, an off priced retailer.  I just sold a pre-owned pair of Nike golf shorts so I figured a new pair would be a good choice.  I decided to offer these shorts at a buy it now price of $26.99 plus $4.99 shipping for 30 days.  They had 15 views and sold in 5 days for the buy it now price.

TIP:  What is better an auction style listing or buy it now listing?  I choose to auction an item when I have very little money in it, I am not sure what the value is, and/or I want the item to sell in 7-10 days.  I offer an item at a buy it now price when I have a new item that has a small range in the sale price.  If you have a new item and there is a large range in the sale price, then it is up to you.  Great example, these shorts are selling anywhere from $30-$50 on ebay.  I chose a very competitive buy it now price so they would sell quickly.  My other choice would have been to offer my item as an auction, start the price at $19.99 and see if people would bid them up.  Typically my new items are buy it now and I will auction my pre-owned items that I know are popular and will get a lot of traffic.  These shorts could have been an exception.  They are very popular and there is a huge price range that they sell for.  In the future I would definitely try to offer a pair like these as an auction just to see what they sell for.  Regardless they sold for a good price in a quick amount of time and that is the goal.

$13.77 item cost including tax

$3.45 USPS First Class shipping

$3.20 ebay fee (10% of the total sale)

$.96 paypal fee (3% of the total sale)

$.08 poly mailer

100 Non Bubble 9 by 12 Poly Mailers

*The above link is an affiliate link, if you purchase through the link I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

The total cost of my item including all fees was $21.46, my item sold for $31.98 so I made $10.52.  My profit from this item paid for my Birchbox subscription that month.  If you do not get Birchbox yet you have to try it.  It is so much fun, I have been married for over 10 years and there are not a whole lot of surprises in my life, so to receive a box each month that has 5 surprise samples chosen just for me is so exciting.  Plus you get to take a little time for yourself here and there trying out your new products each month.  It is the best $10 you will ever spend on yourself.

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