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I bought these socks in the clearance section at Marshalls, an off priced retailer, for $3.18 including tax.  This item was interesting, I decided to start with the broken down price, I wanted to see if offering the lowest price from the start is the way to go.  My list price was $8.99 plus $3.99 shipping for 30 days.  I let them go for the entire 30 days and they did not sell, they had a lot of page views and a couple of watchers, but nothing.  I relisted them for another 30 days at $12.99 including free shipping; they were on for 1 day, had 4 page views and sold.  Maybe it does not matter what price structure you use, however this is just one example, perhaps I just found the right buyer at the right time.

TIP:  I learned along the way that by including just a little of your home’s surroundings in your pictures can help sell your item.  Make sure the part of your home in the picture is clean and neat, this gives the buyer a feeling that the item they are purchasing is coming from a nice environment.  You would not want to buy something from a dirty messy house and neither does your customer, but your customer does not know your house is well kept unless you give them a glimpse.  If you do not choose to include a little of your home in your pictures make sure the surface you use is neutral, you don’t want to take away from your item.  I have seen people use their granite counter top as their back drop which looks nice, just make sure it is not too busy looking.

$3.18 item cost including tax

$3.40 USPS shipping fee, no scale yet, but it is coming soon

$1.30 ebay fee (10% of the total sale)

$.39 paypal fee (3% of the total sale)

$.08 poly mailer

100 Non Bubble 9 by 12 Poly Mailers

*The above link is an affiliate link, if you purchase through the link I provide, I do receive a commission from the retailer, there is no extra cost to you, this is one of the ways that allows me to keep writing, thanks for your support.

Total cost of my item including all fees was $8.35, my item sold for $12.99 so I made $4.64, not bad for a $3 investment.  It took longer to sell, but the socks were only $3 so I could let them sit, however if I would have listed them at $12.99 including free shipping to begin with maybe they would have sold a lot quicker.  Regardless $4.64 is 4 matchbox cars at Target, moms with little boys know how much fun it is to let your little one pick out a new matchbox car; it is a very serious decision.

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