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My son wore this costume last year and it is now too small for him.  New toddler robin costumes on ebay were selling for $18.99 including free shipping.  My son’s costume had a small imperfection, which I highlighted, so I listed it for $15 including free shipping for 30 days.  The costume had 3 views and 1 watcher within an hour and sold later that afternoon for $15.  I was shocked, I know people pre plan in advance for Halloween, but I was not expecting that much interest in August.

TIP:  If you have any old Halloween costumes sitting in your closet that don’t fit your children anymore, they might sell on ebay quickly.  I was always told if an item sells too quickly it was priced too low, however in this case it was pre-owned and you could buy a new one for $4 more, I think it was priced perfectly.  I felt like I found the right buyer at the right time and he/she purchased the costume.

The fees I paid to sell my item are listed below:

$3.65 USPS shipping fee, I did not weigh my package

$1.50 ebay fee (10% of the total sale)

$.45 Paypal fee (3% of the total sale)

I had a previously used Fed Ex box that I used to ship the costume so there was no box cost.

TIP:  Save every box that comes your way, this will save you a lot of money in shipping supplies.  You still will want to buy specialized boxes, but you never know when a previously used box will fit your item perfectly.  In this case the old Fed Ex box was a perfect fit.

TIP:  You cannot reuse any kind of priority box from the post office. Someone sent me a package in a USPS priority box, I ended up keeping the box.  Eventually I sold something that fit that box, so I packed up my item in the priority box, however my shipping method was USPS first class.  When I went to drop off the box the post office guy said I could not send the package first class in a priority box.  I told him, “but the box was already paid for when it was shipped the first time,” it even had original post office markings on it from the first time it shipped.  The post office guy said it did not matter, crazy.  Anyway don’t wrap up your item in a used priority box, supposedly you cannot recycle them.

Total cost to sell my item was $5.60, so I made $9.40.  That is one admission to Monkey Joes, a jump jump place, and of course I always find a buy one get one free so both kids receive admission for the price of one, awesome.


After some research Nike performance socks appeared to be a really good selling item on ebay, so I bought 6 pairs for $10.59 including tax.  I started my listing at $19.99 including free shipping, very competitive with everyone else on ebay.    Even though my margin was a little short to begin with, I felt if I could sell them quickly then it would be worth it.

The problem I experienced was there are thousands of people selling black Nike performance socks on ebay, there was nothing special about them so everyone had them.

TIP:  We talked about checking how many items similar to yours sell per day, but also check how many people are selling your same item.  For example 10 items may sell per day on ebay which sounds good however if there are 100,000 people selling that item, no bueno, I would find something else, chances are you are going to get washed away in the flood and no one is going to find your listing, unless you pay for the exposure, which is expensive, and you will end up with no money left to be made.

I had this item listed for about 3 weeks and I had 7 page views.  There were too many people selling them so I ended the listing.

TIP:  I have experienced a lot of success with men’s Nike Dri Fit socks size 8-12.  They are a little harder to find, but come in more colors and designs so you are able to stand out in the crowd a little better.  3 pairs typically sell for $16.99 including free shipping, and you can find them at off priced retailers between $7-$8.50 including tax.  You end up making $3-$4 per item after all fees are paid, but they sell quickly.  I have had success selling woman’s Nike Dri Fit socks too, but they take longer to sell.  Men’s Nike Dri Fit socks sell within a week vs Women’s Nike Dri Fit socks which sell within a month.

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