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My old cell phone which was a Samsung galaxy S4 broke, the wifi stopped working and it was dropped a few hundred times so there were cracks in the screen.  The touch screen still worked and it would run on 4G, so if someone had an unlimited data plan it would be fine.  I decided to auction the phone because I was not sure what it was worth to someone.  I did know based on searching ebay that it should be worth at least $50.  Knowing that, I started my auction at $50; even though it was worthless to me I still wanted to get at least that out of it.  I could have taken a chance and started it at .99 which would attract more bidders and would hopefully increase the price at the end, but I did not want to take that chance.  I could have paid to set a reserve price, the secret minimum you will sell your item for, but I didn’t want to pay extra for something when I didn’t know if what I was selling was worth anything.  So I chose a 7 day auction, started it on a Friday at $50, and it sold for $60 on the following Friday.  I had 215 page views, but I probably could have had more if I knew then what I know now.

TIP:  Start your auction on a Thursday and run it for 10 days that way you end up with 2 full weekends, the weekends are when the most people are on ebay.

At the very least I should have started my listing on Sunday night so it would have ended the following Sunday night, that way the weekend would have been at the end of my auction instead of at the beginning.

TIP:  If you live on the east coast, like I do, keep the west coast in mind; you don’t want your auction to end at 6pm Florida time because that is 3pm California time.  Moving forward I will have my auctions end at 9 or 10pm east coast time.

Regardless 6 people placed bids and it sold for $60 which was cool; I would rather have the $60 than an old cell phone that I can’t use.

I was very complete in my description, I listed the facts, the model number, the network, and the imei number, I knew it was unlocked and had a good ESN so it could be used again as a phone.  If you don’t know these details take your phone to your phone provider, they can help you find the info you need.

TIP:  When there are imperfections with an item, list them, try not to miss a scratch.  The last thing you want is to have to issue a refund because you missed a detail.

The following are the fees that I paid to complete the sale.

$3.65 USPS first class shipping fee, I know now I over paid for shipping, don’t wait to get a scale it will save your shipping money

$6 ebay fee (10% of the total sale)

$1.80 Paypal fee (3% of the total sale)

I re-used a box that I had, so I did not have a box cost

The total fees to sell my phone were $11.45, so I made $48.55 that is a lot of happy meals.

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