Welcome to extramommymoney.com, I am an on the go mom of 2 amazing boys. I love every minute I spend with them, however it can be very expensive to keep 2 kids active and happy, especially when it is too hot or cold to go to the park. It was never in the budget to spend money on extra toys, fun places, happy meals, etc. and I couldn’t even think about doing something for myself. I felt like there was something I could do to make some extra money. After researching ways to make money from home, I knew ebay was the right choice for me. However, I had a lot of questions, what do I sell? What sells quickly? Do I sell my items by auction, buy it now, and/or offer best offer? If my items sell what shipping method do I use? Do I charge the customer for shipping or offer free shipping? What makes someone a great seller on ebay? So I searched online for my answers and what I found was everyone wants to keep what they know a secret or they want to sell you what they know, ugh. Some people will give you a little more info than the eBook sellers, but not much. So I had to learn everything the hard way. At first I was simply testing the market to see if I could make a profit off of items I purchased from national chain stores, there was a lot of trial and error, some buys were good and others not so much. As time went on I started figuring out how to choose the right products at a minimal cost and sell them for a good profit. I do not just sell brand new items I will also let you know what pre-owned items I have sold, some may surprise you. I have learned so much and I am now selling very consistently on ebay. I finally have the financial freedom to say “yes” to my kids when they ask for something instead of “not today” or “put it on your Christmas list,” and I can even do some things for myself. Ebay is a crazy online space so if I can help other moms navigate through it, become financially independent, and save someone from a headache or 2 then I am happy to help. I will not be vague, I will tell you everything, what I sold, where I bought it, how much I paid, what I sold it for, how long I had it listed for, how I shipped it, what it cost to ship, and what the bottom line profit was. Hopefully this guide will give you a good idea of what to sell, what not to sell, and I can pass along selling tips I have learned along the way. I do not buy truckloads, pallets, or from China, everything that I buy and sell are individual items purchased from national chain stores which means anyone can do it. Please keep in mind that everything I publish is in my opinion and based on my experiences, use it as a guide and don’t assume that you will have the same experience and/or outcome as I did. I want everyone to get involved, so if anyone has a tip or info that can help us all be better sellers please share, or even better if you want to share a successful sales example we would love to hear from you.